In 2016, I started writing a (near) monthly newsletter for students to keep up with me. Since that time, the clientele has grown so I try to make it friendly for people in all walks of life.  In it, you'll find updates about me and my (piano and pedagogy) students, as well as a feature article.


I hope you will feel free to download them and share with your students, friends, family, or other teachers. If you want to receive these monthly via email, or get in touch with me, please write to me. Happy reading!

March 2016 jpeg.jpg
April 2016 jpeg.jpg

March 2016

"Reimagining Relaxation"

April 2016

"Viva Ginastera!"

July 2016 jpeg.jpg

July 2016

"New Beginnings"

August 2016 jpeg.jpg

August 2016

"Citius. Altius. Fortius."

September 2016 jpeg.jpg

September 2016

"Reflections of Taiwan"

October 2016 jpeg.jpg

October 2016

"The Third Year Review"

November 2016 jpeg.jpg

November 2016

"(Half-) Marathon Training

for Piano Playing"

January 2017 jpeg.jpg

January 2017

"Remembering Yonty"

April 2017.jpg

April 2017

"The MTNA Piano Pedagogy


August 2017.jpg

August 2017

"Being Vulnerable at NCKP"

october 2017 .jpg

October 2017

"When Beauty Isn't Enough"

December 2017 .jpg

December 2017

"Dr. J's Year In Review""

January 2018.jpg

January 2018

"The Hills Were Alive

with Musik Zentral"

January 2018

"The Hills Were Alive

with Musik Zentral"

February 2018.jpg

February 2018

"Classical Creativity"

February 2018

"Classical Creativity"


March 2018

"March Madness"

April 2018.jpg

April 2018


May 2018.jpg

May 2018

"Win Forever"

June 2018.jpg

June 2018


Sept 2018.jpg


"A Sizzlin' Summer"

November 2018.jpg

November 2018

"High Capacity Learning"

December 2018.jpg

December 2018

"Music in a Time of Conflict"